The most stressful day is still the day itself. For the bride to still look stunning and stress free on her  special day, we’re the one that you need.
  • Unlimited meeting and consultation (phone calls and email to and from clients)
  • Discuss the various details and requirements for the event 
  • Finalization of event details including turnover of all contracts from suppliers
  • Attend vendors/suppliers meeting
  • Ocular inspection of the church and reception venue
  • Organization and coordination of rehearsal schedule.
  • Assist the bride in her hotel/home attending to her every need/concern
  • Ensure the timely departure of the bride from the hotel/home to arrive at the church at least thirty (30) minutes before the ceremony including the day’s schedule conforming to lead times allocated for every item in the itinerary
  • Oversee Ceremonial preparation
  • Organize the members of the entourage in the processional line, also responsible for the distribution of flowers and other wedding paraphernalia to the members of the entourage and likewise they will arrange the misalette in the guests’ pews/seats.
  • Supervise the whole wedding program from the processional to recessional
  • Guest management, floor plan layout and seating arrangement 
  • Management of photo booth and photo op
  • Handling of gifts given by the guests ensuring that no gifts will be lost  or misplaced
  • (ALL monetary gifts will be directed to the Bride/Groom by the coordinators.  We will not be responsible for lost/missing monetary gifts.)
  • Assist emcee/s on the flow of the wedding reception program
  • Assist the sound system staff on the background music to be played for every part of the reception program.
  • Distribution of wedding souvenirs and routing of the wedding guest book
  • Turnover to the couple of all wedding accessories/paraphernalia used in the wedding ceremony and reception
  • Turn over list of gifts received at the reception table and all gifts to the couple or their authorized representative
  • RSVP included